Healthwatch Network

The Health Watch Network is a digitized environment for real time collaboration between all medical and non-medical members; aimed at Medical Professionals needs and Patients Needs.

Doctors, Patients, Nurses and Medical Students from all over the world can gain valuable connections and invaluable knowledge by joining this network. Here Medical professionals and medical students can discuss medical topics, ask and answer medical questions, exchange clinical experiences, review their cases and share clinical knowledge post and find medical jobs etc. within the private or public groups that can ease their career load and enhance future possibilities.

This site stores Patients Health Record and Health History with Privacy according to HIPAA compliance that triggers different health alerts. Patients can network with doctors and other medical professionals. Patients can share medical problem problems and seek preliminary treatment suggestion/directions, such as what kind doctors (specialty) should be seen for certain clinical condition etc. Patients also can network with other patients like them and share treatment experience .However this site is not responsible for any clinical decision or medication prescribed through the site. Please see terms of use for detail.

Personal Health Record

A safe and secure place where you can store complete health record including past health history and family history


A Friendly home for networking between Doctor– Patient-Nurse –Medical Student and other healthcare professionals


You can share your complete health report to any doctor/health professional in the world or you can take a hard copy of health summary report to your local doctor

Clinical Knowledge Sharing

Healthcare professionals discuss clinical cases and share valuable knowledge

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